Our Strategy

While Bégué Coco is working to eventually sell coconut oil and cosmetics to international markets, we are initially sellilng in the Dakar metropolitan area. Our products will be retailed at the beach bars, hotels, boutiques and special events.

We have a plan and we are ready implement these initiatives, but need funding to put it all together. Donate & Share our crowdfunding campaign to help to make Bégué Coco a thriving enterprise!


Bégué Coco has begun to manufacture virgin coconut oil and coconut cosmetics. We have made and tested these products in Dakar and we are ready to develop these products further in order to eventually begin selling in health food stores and boutiques in the United States. 


This August we launched Begue Coco Cabana the first juice beach bar in Dakar. The juice bar is made out of reycled materials including plastic bottles and tires. It serves as a space to promote healthy living and ecological design. We serve fresh coconuts along with a variety of coconut based juice cocktails, coconut yogurt. coconut baked goods, dried fruit. Our all natural coco treats keep beach bums feeling good on the inside and our coconut oil and cosmetics keep them looking good on the outside.


Our Coco Moto-Cart allows us to distribute and sell our products at events and public areas around Dakar.  


In Dakar, we are setting up partnerships with boutiques and hotels where our products are featured for those who want to purchasing locally made all-natural products without going into a crowded market. We also have partnerships with a number of event venues and local artists. We sell our coconut products at concerts and private and public events around Dakar.

In the coming months, we will set up similar partnerships with businesses and organizations in the United States. We plan to work with socially and environmentally conscience businesses and organizations who are looking to support social entrepreneurs in Africa.


Using our website and a variety of social networking sites we are able to market and sell our products to the Dakar population. As our business develops, we will begin to sell our coco oil and cosmetics online to American consumers.


To make our business truly sustainable, we plan to plant our own coconut trees in coastal regions. We will control our supply of coconuts while also attributing to reforesting Senegal. Our trees will be planted to build a barrier to block out wind and prevent desertification that is destroying farming communities.


The coconut is an amazing fruit and we are not letting any of it go to waste. We plan to use the coconut husk to make compost and mulch and the coconut shell we will use for making artisanal products.


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